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Did you know pistachios are a complete protein, are loaded with antioxidants, and are heart-healthy? This green nut is a powerhouse of nutrition with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and they taste delicious! Pistachios are sought worldwide for their health benefits, taste, and versatility. They are ideal for baking and cooking and are the perfect, healthy, anytime snack.

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Organic Pistachios

The Setton family is proud to call California’s Central Valley home. As we continue to grow, our
philosophy of expanding in a thoughtful and sustainable way drives all our efforts. We’re proud to announce the opening of Setton Organic located in Ducor, California.

Our Consumers

Pistachio lovers live all over the world! That is why we are dedicated to offering them the best tasting pistachios grown in California's Central Valley. Whether through private label or branded products, retail packaging, or industrial bulk, our commitment to delivering top-quality pistachios to our customers is our priority!

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Our Growers

"When you're one of our growers, you're part of us, part of our family."​

Joshua Setton

President / CEO

Our Employees

As a family company, we value our employees and appreciate their many talents. Their expertise and hard work have made Setton Pistachio the company that we are today.

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Our Community

When we say we care about our community, we mean it! We are committed to supporting our local community and surrounding areas through infrastructure projects like the neighborhood park we built in Terra Bella, scholarship initiatives for high school kids like the Earth Day Scholarship Contest, sponsoring charity organizations through our Charitable Giving Committee, and much more!

Sustainability Practices

We are proud to call the Central Valley of California home. As we continue to grow, our philosophy of thoughtful and sustainable expansion drives all of our efforts. We are here to feed the world with nutrient-dense pistachios and make it a better place. We utilize innovative methods to maximize opportunities during the growing, harvest, and processing time to employ sustainable and forward-thinking business practices. These efforts create a sustainability loop, ensuring that 100% of all discarded products from the process are converted back into valuable inputs, even enriching the soil. We will continue this massive undertaking with pride, always mindful of our environmental footprint, as we work towards a cleaner and greener future for all.

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Regenerative Farming

We are advocates of regenerative agriculture, a holistic approach to farming that prioritizes soil health and biodiversity to promote sustainable and resilient ecosystems. It involves implementing practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment and actively improves it. In addition, healthy soils are the foundation for healthy orchards, and our commitment to regenerative agriculture has been vital to improving pistachio quality for all pistachio growers. By embracing regenerative agriculture, we are protecting the environment and helping pistachio orchards to thrive for generations.

Preserving Water

We know firsthand how important it is to preserve our most precious natural resource, water. We recycle and reuse 130 million gallons of water annually. We also capture essential rainwater, which is then put back onto pistachios trees using drip irrigation, efficiently producing an abundant crop.


Solar Power

We are harnessing the power of the sun to make pistachios even greener! 100% of our post-harvest activities are solar-powered by our 1.7-megawatt solar power system, one of the largest in the Central Valley.

Recycling Hulls

150 million pounds of hull biomass are repurposed annually on a 40-acre composting facility that recycles 100% of our biomass ag-waste. This nutrient-rich composting material is then reused on orchards to recharge the soil and further reduce the need for pest control applications and soil amendments.


Repurposing Shells

Our pistachio shells are reused to create roadbeds, minimizing dust and helping to clean our air.

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